Meet Joe from Logfiller May 19, 2015

Logfiller opened its Jersey and US offices in June 2014 and has been going from strength to strength, with the Launch of the latest iteration of their user software, Layer8 released in April 2015.
Layer8 provides powerful user experience insight to help improve efficiency, cyber security and compliance. It allows you to see real-time information about how end users experience and interact with the desktop environment and it generates new data revealing precise, actionable insights and event verification, complementing your major IT systems.
3C International were brought in to create a short animation explaining just what Layer8 does and how it can benefit companies, effectively bringing the script to life. They were incredibly helpful, not only in terms of meeting tight deadlines but also using their expert knowledge to make recommendations and ensure that the production was of the highest quality.
Michael Colopy, President of Logfiller Inc. said: ‘Creating an animated production that addresses the UK and US markets is by no means a small feat.  3Ci, however, achieved this on schedule and without issue.  I am delighted by the end result: a captivating promotional video that carries our message perfectly, with humor and well-balanced animation, all of it within a run-time of two minutes.  The skill, professionalism and collaborative spirit of the 3Ci team earned our enthusiastic commendation.’
The video can be seen on Logfiller’s homepage.  See it here and at www.logfiller.com 


Phil is one of the founding directors of 3C International. He is an experienced media professional and has worked in multiple aspects of Television & Radio broadcasting as well as providing corporate and commercial communications for Marketing & Communications professionals.


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