3Ci 2014 – Carefully Crafted Commentary

Its been an exciting year for 3C International and as we look back it is hard to imagine that we would have crammed so much in to our first year in business.

At the beginning there was a mission to Bristol to help two international outsourcing giants communicate their global merger, Nair&Co and High Street Partners became became Radius with the help of a dual CEO film to explain what the change meant to staff worldwide.

In May we moved in as ‘start- up residents’ with Digital Jersey at their new hub facility and were invited to film their launch event and various other activities as the year progressed.

At the same time we began conversations with Dale and Andrew at 3D Performance. The 3D team are responsible for events like the Barclays Jersey Boat Show and the Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon, and they gave us a temporary office away from the hub when we needed it. Continue reading “3Ci 2014 – Carefully Crafted Commentary”