Fairway Group Brand Animation

What do you say when asked to bring an origami Koi to life? “YES!” …of course!

Fairway Group had just been through a rebrand with their design agency and we were supplied with flat images of their new visuals.

At first glance we thought the Koi, the turtle, the crane and the boat were 3D models but it turns out the clever agency people had actually made and photographed these paper models with print and digital channels in mind.

Our motion graphics guy scratched his head for a bit and came up with the answer! By taking elements of various test images and stitching them together with the chosen shot, adding character rigging, camera moves and a certain amount of frame blending we were able to breath life into these inanimate critters.

The end result is a natural flowing journey through Fairway Group’s business sectors that imparts key marketing messages in an engaging short motion graphic film that we at 3Ci are all very proud of!

USA Cricket #CPL2017

In the run up to the Caribbean Premier League in the summer of 2017 3Ci travelled to Florida for the USA Cricket warm up games scheduled to take place against CPL teams.

In addition to the action on the pitch, USA Cricket was involved in team building and local grass roots initiatives.

All of this was captured in an effort to tell the story behind USA Cricket in the build up to the organisations re-brand.

Pexip – The Scaleable Meeting Platform

Our relationship with Pexip started out when we helped them celebrate their 5th year in business with an internal video for playout at their party in Oslo!

From there we went on to work with the Norway and US based marketing teams to produce content at their tradeshows including, product demos, interviews & testimonials with customers at the Pexip Booth.

Subsequently 3Ci was commissioned to travel to London and Dublin to film customer stories at Arup and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. These short films were used by Pexip to showcase their services to Microsoft in Seattle, a process which helped lead on to their Microsoft partnership status.

CPA Global – Microsoft Testimonial

CPA Global come to 3Ci when they want their customer stories captured and told in a creative and engaging online video format.

In this example the 3Ci team travelled to Seattle, Washington to catch up with the Microsoft IP and Trademark leadership team.

Microsoft manage 24,000 active trademarks and patents. Filming at the Microsoft campus was an amazing experience and the resulting film tells a great story on behalf of CPA Global.

Meet Emilio the Penguin

The team at 3Ci all come from broadcast television backgrounds and we produce a host of freelance content for broadcasters across the UK including Sky, ITV1, BBC1 and Channel 4.

As part of their Christmas campaign last year telecom service provider Sure commissioned us to produce a suite of animated television commercials for play out on ITV1 and online on ITV Player.

Sure wanted us to create a look and feel that engaged with their target audience so we developed a loveable animated penguin (called Emilio!) who skates through a scandinavian cardboard forest to discover the latest Christmas offers.

The campaign was a huge success across the ITV platforms as well as specially edited versions of the commercial distributed in cinemas, in taxis and even on vending machines!

Jersey Opera House 150

November was a busy month for 3Ci with crews filming in London, Edinburgh, Brazil and of course in the Channel Islands.

As part of the 150th Anniversary of the Jersey Opera House we were asked to film the Gala Performance and to edit a short round up film to commemorate the night. Our crews went along to the dress rehearsals to see the show first hand before filming the actual performance on the night. The show was a huge success with a huge array of different performers, actors, singers and dancers who told the story of the Opera House from its initial opening in the 1800s to the present day…