Fairway Group Brand Animation

What do you say when asked to bring an origami Koi to life? “YES!” …of course!

Fairway Group had just been through a rebrand with their design agency and we were supplied with flat images of their new visuals.

At first glance we thought the Koi, the turtle, the crane and the boat were 3D models but it turns out the clever agency people had actually made and photographed these paper models with print and digital channels in mind.

Our motion graphics guy scratched his head for a bit and came up with the answer! By taking elements of various test images and stitching them together with the chosen shot, adding character rigging, camera moves and a certain amount of frame blending we were able to breath life into these inanimate critters.

The end result is a natural flowing journey through Fairway Group’s business sectors that imparts key marketing messages in an engaging short motion graphic film that we at 3Ci are all very proud of!

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